Thank You!

This company is so much more than Ed, Stephanie, Charles, Shaun and the cast, crews and bands of our shows. Here's a little thank you to everyone beyond us that has given us a hand along the way.

To all of you that have helped us in bringing our productions to life, we can't thank you enough.

To all members of the original casts, crews and audiences of our shows - You were the first people to give our ideas a try and give us the confidence to take it further, thank you.

To the Bartlett family - for car trips, continued support and generosity, left-field ideas and early morning sofa-building sessions.

To all our Indiegogo contributors who have generously given us vital financial support in our first year:

Kerry Hibbert

Janice Bartlett

Thomas Harrison

Tricia Bartlett

Erin Bolens

Vicki Noble

Sharon King


Natalie Bell

Ann Griggs

Ann Atkin

Marjorie Mason

Holly Hathrell

David Maguire

Jack Morrow

Blair Reeves

James Greenwood

Laura Whitehead

Joel Hellewell

Nigel Bartlett


Jamie Beckett

Lewis Dunn


Rebecca Saw

The Crabbs*

Max Adams


Emy Martyn

Lauren Cowling

Margaret Grace Perry

Bryony Jameson

Ben Kavanagh

Liz Pascoe

Oh hi. Oh hi*

Claire Drury


Katy Harrison

Anjali Vyas-Brannick

*Only usernames provided. If you' like to step forward as a generous benefactor, just drop us an email and we'll put your actual name on.

To Tim Kelly - for stepping in as the original Mark in 2014 and making our shows look legit with his mad camera skillz.

To Cieran Douglass - for having a car and using it to chauffeur a piano around York, and who alongside with Will Feaver provided shelter to our temporarily homeless director.

To Joe Foxon - for lending us an American Football at the last minute.

To George Hughes, Ged Unsworth and anyone else in the pub that time - for getting the ball rolling.

To Blair Reeves - for constant support and help from afar.

To Ross Middleton - for telling his friends about us in a pub once.

To Paul Virides - for teaching us the way of the risk assessment.

To the British Parliament - for finally allowing us to do parody and not get sued.

To the University of York - for being the breeding ground of silly ideas, great societies and performance opportunities.

To the incredibly helpful staff of all the venues and festivals we've encountered along the way - Basement, Buxton Fringe, Underground Venues, Brighton Fringe, Laughing Horse, City Cafe, Great Yorkshire Fringe Edinburgh Fringe, Greater Manchester Fringe, Jesterval.

To the inventor of wine - for creating a successful method of stress-relief we can imbibe.

To Nouse - for giving us our first print publicity.

To Unknown Magazine - for giving us a great review and pull-quote that no one believes because of your name.

To Sion Clarke - for last-minute artwork fixes and generally being very lovely and helpful.

To Steve Frost and all at Graham Sykes Insurance - for being so very helpful and informative.

To James Greenwood - for instant, top-notch legal advice, and for absolutely everything.

To all our Twitter followers, Facebook likers, and blog readers. The cast and crew of The Room: The Musical and Clandestine Sketch Show and of course, the man, the myth, the legend, Tommy Wiseau, on whose work our unofficial parody adaptation was based.